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French artist born in 1979.

Studied at the School of Applied Arts of La Souterraine in Creuse then at the National School of Decorative Arts of Limoges in Haute-Vienne.

Practiced art therapy for many years in hospitals (oncology department Clinique Chénieux Limoges - Hôpital Monts et Barrages Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat) and at the closed educational center of Monédières in Corrèze (with young people placed under the PJJ) .

"To create is to exist." - R.Laforestrie

Lives and works in the Limousin region.


​ “Mineral imprints of volcanic stones. Plant prints of tree bark, roots and rhizomes. Imprints of life. Inked imprints to anchor oneself, root oneself, transform oneself These pressures, these plant and mineral imprints of matter on matter have left traces that resemble writing. The tormented life of plant and mineral elements is expressed. Observing from the outside offers a key to reading the inside. I explore this inside pictorially. The entrails of life, the fossil of time. Touch, imprint and inexorable march of time. I sometimes extend the interior and intimate expression of this natural living thing through automatic vegetalized, performative, unconscious, somatic writings. Guided by natural sounds, electro-acoustic sounds, singing stones, drones of instruments, sounds, songs, which seem to me at the same time earthly, celestial, vibrant, alive, essential. These mineral and plant imprints tell the story of the tree, the wood, the sap, the earth, the roots, the rhizomes, the rock, the lava, the water, the heat and the cold, the erosion of time that passes.. . On the surface, they left light traces, sorts of poetic, sensory, spiritual drawings and calligraphies. The common thread, omnipresent in my work, makes the link between man and nature and reconnects us to the living." HB


Bourses et prix

2015 - Production aid, Limousin Region

2013 - Individual assistance for creation, DRAC Nouvelle - Aquitaine

2013 - 1st prize ARS du Limousin - Art therapy workshops Chénieux Oncology Clinic, Limoges

2023 - 3rd ARS du Limousin prize - Art therapy workshops Monts et Barrages Hospital, St Léonard-de-Noblat

2011 - Individual assistance for creation, DRAC Nouvelle - Aquitaine

Publications/ Catalogs

2023 - Exhibition catalog The Seeders - Memory of the Future Gallery - Paris

2023 - Catalog Crossed perspectives on the sacred - Château de Saint-Auvent, Haute-Vienne

2015 - Horizons/theater Review N°5 - Minor and minority forms in the performing arts. Bordeaux University Press

            Catalog link

Artiste intervenante

2022 - Visual arts workshops, Eymoutiers elementary school, Haute-Vienne

Fresco and short film, partnership with the association Le Monde going towards (Ressourcerie 87)


2019 - Closed educational center of Monédières ALSEA 87 - For minors aged 16-18

2021 Production of short films


I had a dream

“Outside the walls” exhibition, BFM Limoges city center

Report link


2015 - 2018 - Monts-et-Barrages Hospital, Haute-Vienne

EPHAD service - Alzheimer - Dementia

2013/2018 - Oncology Department Chénieux Limoges Clinic



2023 - Performance d'écriture automatique - Pierre de lave - Puy Mary Cantal, 15 - La Font Sainte

2016 - Performance/ vidéo " Le fil rouge" avec Christian Fanguin et Thomas Terrien - Galerie Voiture 14, Treignac

2015 - Scénographie et performance d'ombres chinoises à l'encre de chine avec la Cie Les Fous de Bassans, Danse, Paris.

          Performance " Ma boîte" avec la chanteuse d'Opéra Nathalie Marcillac " L'enfermement - La callas"

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